About me 

"If it brings happiness to me, why refuse it?"

Welcome! I’m Rory, I'm 23 and I'm a promising content writer and music critic. My passion for music started fairly early; all credit goes to my dad and his love for Jamaican sound system culture, my sisters' having R&B and hip-hop & Bashment on repeat and the emergence of grime  - I can vividly recall my mom telling me and my sister off when we'd play Lethal Bizzle's POW! and she'd hear that “ you s*ck your mom” Lyric.
I'd typically be found unpacking song lyrics, sample hunting and constructing playlists on
Spotify in my spare time and it soon became a hobby-turned-passion project. 


Fast forward to 2014, I was working on the street-team in my first music marketing role, selling tickets for events and flyering around Birmingham. I decided to put my knowledge to good use by reviewing music in my spare time and haven't stopped since, picking up content writing for magazines and crafting artist bios and I'm ready to embrace this as a full-time career. I figured sometimes in life you have to give it all to the things to that bring you joy in life. If it brings happiness to me, why refuse it?


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